Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Baseball fun...instead of Twinkling Tuesday challenge

Our Twinkling Tuesday challenge this week was do make a card based on a Mickey (as a park ranger) and Minnie Mouse romance and wedding. I don't have any Disney type stamps, and couldn't think of an original wedding type card based on the challenge. Sorry! Plus, I have scrapbooking class tonight and tomorrow night, so I'm busy getting all ready for that. I'm posting a baseball scrapbook page instead of the card for this week. We made this layout last fall in scrapbook class.
Check out what the other Twinkling Tuesdays team members have come up with - they're a creative bunch and I'm sure there are some awesome cards that rocked the challenge.


  1. That is some fabulous patterned paper

  2. Hey Darla,

    I think it has been fun to go around and see how each of us took the challenge today!!! I do not think anyone went in the same direction with it!!!

    I think your page is great and I love that you are scrapbooking!!!

    Hey we all have to do somthing different once in a while and if you have no ideas for one challenge it is great to still accomplish somthing in another arena!!!


  3. Ah, its all good!! You know what....somedays it just isn't going to happen no matter how much you think about it! and forcing it makes it worse - just check out some of my forced cards lol!! I read an interesting post on another site that said "pressure is an idea killer" and that is soooo true!! We each have our own special talent at this table and we are a team, if someone isn't able to do their "thing", then the rest of us step up until it is our turn to have a "block"!! Not that you are having a block or anything......okay, now I am babbling as usual! By the way, I am in awe of your scrapbook pages - something I don't even attempt to do.....too much space to fill.... haha! Take care!!

  4. Geesshh, sorry about the book..........

  5. This was a tough challenge. I love your layout though!!! This is amazing!!! So, so cute1 The penants and the way the pictures are laid out are amazing! I wish I could scrapbook like you!


  6. really great page! baseball is my favorite sport! the pennants and that bottom border are really, really cool!